The History of WV Online Gambling

West Virginia actually has a very friendly gambling market in which all major forms of online gambling are allowed. That means you can legally play at online casinos, place online sports bets, and play online poker in WV.

However, it wasn’t always like this in West Virginia. Prior to 2018, you could not gamble online in WV at all. However, WV was one of the first US states to fully legalize online sports betting. Once it launched, it quickly became a hotspot for legal US online gambling.

That said, things didn’t go smoothly in the beginning for West Virginia. One of its first sports betting sites, known as BetLucky, was actually forced to close in mid 2019 because it failed to comply with state regulations. Ultimately, this was a bit of a speed bump for online gambling in WV since all other sports betting outlets were also forced to close at the time.

Today, things are back on track. West Virginia now offers two great legal online sportsbooks from DraftKings and FanDuel. There are also three major retail sportsbook locations across the state where gamblers can place sports bets in person.

West Virginia also legalized online casinos in 2019. The state is home to six different land-based casinos and each one is allowed to launch its own online casino. However, things have moved slowly. Only three online casinos have launched so far in WV – they include BetMGM, FanDuel Casino, and DraftKings Casino.

Online poker in West Virginia was also legalized in 2019 but there has been little progress since then. Once again, the state’s six land-based casinos are allowed launch their own online poker sites, but none have done so yet. You won’t find any WV online poker rooms at this time, but they could launch soon!

West Virginia Casinos FAQ

❓ Is online gambling legal in WV?

Yes it is! In fact, West Virginia allows online casinos, online sports betting, and online poker. This occurred in early 2019 when state lawmakers passed the West Virginia Lottery Interactive Wagering Act. However, things moved pretty slowly after that. It took the West Virginia Lottery Commission more than a year to come up with rules to govern the launch of online casinos in the state – these rules are only temporary. A few online gambling sites launched in West Virginia once those rules were enacted. Under the law, every WV casino is allowed to launch three online gambling sites each. Licensing fees apply. The West Virginia Legislature will likely finalize more permanent online gambling rules in 2021.

❓ Who can gamble online in West Virginia?

Online gambling in WV is not limited to just WV state residents. In fact, anyone can gamble online in West Virginia as long as they are located within state lines and are at least 21 years old. WV online gambling sites use geolocation software to determine your location. This software can determine your rough location, usually the city or town you’re in, but it won’t know exactly where you are. West Virginia online casinos also require identity verification to determine your age.

❓ Can I play online blackjack in WV?

Yes you absolutely can. In fact, West Virginia has some great blackjack rules in place which serve to benefit players. Specifically, all online blackjack games in WV give a 96.6% RTP (return to player) percentage – that means the house edge in WV online blackjack is just 3.4%. The reason for this is due to some unique blackjack rules across the state. We have done the research for you: West Virginia blackjack is paid at a 3:2 ratio, the dealer will always stand on a soft 17, and you can double down on any cards you wish.

❓ How do I deposit at West Virginia online casinos?

It’s very easy to add funds to your WV online casino account and start playing for real money! As a legal online gambling state, it’s completely safe to deposit cash at WV online casinos. These casinos are held to high standards thanks to tight regulation and gambling licenses. Most West Virginia online casinos will accept credit and debit cards from Visa and Mastercard. E-wallets are also accepted – you can use PayPal and Skrill at most WV online casinos. On top of that, you can always do a bank transfer or use and electronic check, but these methods might have extra feed and longer processing times.

❓ Which gambling sites are active in West Virginia?

Things have been a bit slow after online gambling was legalized in WV. It took over a year for the first sites to launch in the state, and the laws have still not been totally finalized as of January 2021. That said, lawmakers plan to enact permanent rules this year. Right now, you can legally access three gambling sites in West Virginia: DraftKings Casino, FanDuel Casino, and BetMGM Casino.