Jacks or Better Video Poker

Jacks or Better is one of the most popular versions of video poker. It’s basically the same game as described above. The reason it’s called Jacks or Better is because you will only get a payout if you are holding a pair of Jacks or better – any other pairs won’t count. However, you can still win by getting any hand better than a pair.

Jacks or Better is a great video poker variant to play for real money because it gives players some of the best chances at big payouts. There is a bit of strategy involved here, but it’s much simpler than other games like blackjack.

These are our best Jacks or Better video poker strategy tips:

  • If you have four cards for a straight or flush, discard and re-draw your fifth card
  • If you have three cards for a royal flush, hold them and re-draw your other two cards
  • If you are dealt any pair, hold it and re-draw your other three cards
  • If you get three cards for a straight flush, always hold them and re-draw the other two cards
  • If you have no poker hands, hold anything that is a Jack or better and re-draw the rest
  • If you have no high value cards, discard and re-draw all five of your cards

Real Money Video Poker Rules

Online real money video poker is very easy to play with just a little knowledge about how poker works. As we said above, the hands you’re looking for in order to win are exactly the same as traditional poker. If you know how to put together a strong hand, you’re already more than halfway to mastering video poker.

When a video poker hand begins, the computer deals five cards to the player. The player can then make a choice to either return one (or all) of the cards and be dealt new cards. The player can only return dealt cards once per hand. Once the player has finished drawing and exchanging cards, the hand plays out.

Keep in mind that in video poker, there is only one betting round, and it comes before you are dealt any cards. In the betting round, you can choose to bet one to five “coins” which are given a value based on the video poker variant you’re playing. Overall, you can only unlock the maximum payout if you bet the full five coins per hand.

Video Poker FAQ

❓ Is real money video poker legal in the USA?

Yes it is, but only in a select few states. Right now, only New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware, and West Virginia have legalized online casino gambling. In these states, you’ll find legal and licensed online casino sites offering real money video poker games. To access these sites, you’ll need to be located inside the state you’re trying to play in and be at least 21 years old. If you live in another state where online casinos are not legal, you do still have other options. You can play at a sweepstakes casino or use one of the US-friendly international casino sites we recommend here.

❓ What is the best real money video poker game to play?

Of all the different variants of video poker out there, there is only one that gives you the best odds of winning – Jacks or Better. This game has a high Return to Player (RTP) of 99.54%, meaning that for every $100 you bet you’ll get about $99 of that back if you play with perfect strategy. With that said, real money video poker is overall a very player-friendly game. Other variants like Double Double Bonus Poker (99.51% RTP) and Bonus Poker (99.17% RTP) will also give you great chances of winning.

❓ What is the difference between slots and video poker?

The main difference is the game itself. Both of these popular gambling games are computerized with a digital interface. In physical casinos, both types are housed in large game cabinets that you sit at to play the game. At an online casino, both games are fully digital and available in your web browser. The difference between them is the game! In slots, you’re trying to match up symbols by spinning the reels. In video poker, you’re trying to make specific poker hands using the cards you are dealt by the machine.

❓ Should I bet maximum credits when playing video poker?

If you want to give yourself a chance at the biggest possible payout, then the answer is yes. The reason for this is because in video poker, the payouts are scaled based on how many credits you bet. There are pay tables available for every video poker variant that will tell you the exact payout multipliers for each bet and corresponding poker hand. Overall, you can only get the biggest payouts if you bet the maximum number of credits on each hand.

❓ Can I play live dealer video poker?

Real money video poker games are totally computerized so they can’t be played with a live dealer. In these games, the dealer is always the computer. However, that’s actually one of the reasons that video poker is so player-friendly. Since the games follow a formula, you can predict what will happen in a given situation with reasonable accuracy. We recommend looking up a video poker strategy guide for more info on this. These guides will help you make the best decisions at all times when playing real money video poker.