How to Play Real Money Table Games

It’s easy to get started playing real money table games online. If you’re a total newcomer to the world of online casinos, then this is the section you’ll want to read in-detail. If you already have an online casino account, you can skip to the next section for help picking the best real money table game online.

Step 1: Create a Casino Account

This applies to every online casino regardless of where it is based – you always must make an account at the casino in order to play real money table games. The good news is that online casinos make this process super easy and quick to complete. Typically, you’ll see a bright-colored “Sign Up” button on the casino homepage. It’s usually right up at the top of the page. Click that and you’ll be taken through the account creation process. You’ll have to provide basic personal info like name, birthdate, and email address.

Step 2: Play Table Games for Free

If you’re a newcomer to the world of online gambling, we recommend that you play some free online table games first. Most online casinos will let you play select table games for free in demo mode. This is a great way to practice and learn before you start risking your own real money. You can do it as much as you like totally for free.

Step 3: Make a Real Money Deposit

Once you’re ready to advance, you can make a real money deposit and start playing real money table games. Your deposit options will vary depending on the casino you’re using. Typically, major credit cards from Mastercard and Visa are accepted. Some sites accept American Express and Discover too. You’ll also find that most online casinos accept a range of e-wallets like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller.

Step 4: Play Real Money Table Games

With real cash in your casino account, you can begin playing real money table games! Most online casinos offer real money table games with low stakes, typically around $1 per hand. We recommend that you start there and increase your bets as you feel more confident. Some casinos even offer very low-stakes games with buy-ins under $0.50. Additionally, you can always bet more if you wish – some games have maximum bets up to $1,000 per hand.

Types of Real Money Table Games

Most online casinos have at least one variant of all the popular real money table games. That said, not all sites do so be sure to check that out before you deposit real money. Our curated list above only features online casinos offering a strong selection of these popular real money table games.

Blackjack: In this real money table game, you’re trying to get a hand that’s closest to 21 in total without going over. Be sure to look up some blackjack strategy guides before playing!

Roulette: Roulette is easy to learn and play. Players bet on numbers and colors then the dealer spins the roulette wheel to determine the outcome.

Craps: In craps, you place bets on which combinations of dice will come up in the round. You as the player are the “shooter” or dice-roller.

3-Card Poker: In this game, you play against the dealer only. Both of you are dealt two face-down cards. Bets are placed on which hand will win the round.

Texas Hold ‘Em: The classic game of poker, in the online version you play against the dealer only. You are dealt two cards to start the round. You then use them to make a strong poker hand in combination with the community cards.

Online Table Games FAQ

❓ Are real money table games legal in the USA?

They are, but it really depends on which US state you’re located in. Every state makes its own gambling laws, and not all of them allow online casinos to operate inside their borders. Today, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are the two largest legal online gambling markets in the USA with Delaware, Michigan, and West Virginia close behind. Outside of these states, you can play real money table games at US-friendly international casinos and sweepstakes casinos.

❓ How much money do I need to play real money table games?

It really depends on you! Most online casinos will offer low-stakes table games with buy-ins under $1 per hand. These are the best real money table games for beginners – some even allow minimum bets of just a few cents. That said, you can always bet more if you want! Some games have high maximum bets up to $1,000 or more while others are high-stakes with minimum buy-ins of at least $50 per hand.

❓ Which real money table games have the best odds?

Overall, every casino uses different rules for their table games so the odds will vary slightly. That said, the same games will always be the best ones for the player. Blackjack offers to lowest house edge in almost any scenario. Baccarat, French Roulette, and Craps also have good odds with house edges under 2%.

❓ Which real money table games have the worst odds?

These are the games you probably want to avoid. American Roulette, Caribbean Stud, and Let It Ride all have high house edges over 3.50% making them less player-friendly.

❓ Can I earn comp points playing real money table games?

It really depends on the casino site you’re using. For sites that offer comps or loyalty rewards, you might find that not all games are eligible for rewards points. It’s common to find that blackjack won’t earn you any points because this game has such a low house advantage. That said, check the casino site you’re using to verify the comp policies.