Types of Slot Games for Real Money

If you’re a total newcomer to online real money slots, then you might want to start with simple games – we’re talking about basic slots with just 3 reels and a few paylines. These are what you might call classic slots games.

If you’ve ever played slots in a physical casino, three-reel slots games will feel very familiar. In these games, you must line up matching symbols in a straight line across the center of the reels from left to right. If you match up the right symbols, you could win a lot of real cash!

From there, things only get more complex – but don’t worry, the basic mechanics of slots games stay the same in all slot types. Some real money slots games online have 5 or even 6 reels! In these games, there are also usually many more paylines too. For example, a payline might go diagonally from the top left to bottom right or even zig-zag across the reels from top to bottom.

If you have experience with real money online slots, you might already have a favorite slots title or two in mind. That’s great because it will help you narrow down the hundreds of online casino options to just a few.

Some of the most popular online slots for real money include titles like Cleopatra, Wheel of Fortune, Texas Tea, Quick Hits, Lobstermania, and Triple Red Hot 7’s. These are the true classics that you’ll find at most online casinos. Even when you don’t find these exact titles, you’re likely to find very close copies all over the internet.

There are tons more slots titles too featuring all kinds of themes. Many online slots, like Buffalo (from Aristocrat slots), focus on a single theme for all parts of gameplay. In the example of Buffalo, the theme is Native American. Cleopatra is based on an ancient Egyptian theme. Immortal Romance (from Microgaming) is one of our favorite vampire-themed slots. For any theme you like, there are hundreds of options available online today.

Slots developers also like to partner with movies and bands to make pop-culture themed slots. We already mentioned Wheel of Fortune above, based on the popular game show. Some other well-known pop-culture slots include Top Gun, Deal or No Deal, Star Trek, Monopoly, Clue, and Michael Jackson: King of Pop.

Online Slots FAQ

Are real money slots legal in the USA?

Yes! There are plenty of real money slots USA sites out there today. However, only a couple US states actually allow online casinos to operate within their state lines. These states include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Delaware, and West Virginia. Of all five states, NJ and PA have the biggest online gambling markets with 10+ online casinos operating in each state. Outside of these states, you can access real money slots online via US-friendly international casino sites or sweepstakes casino sites.

How much profit do real money slots make?

It’s hard to put a real number on this, but you can safely assume that slot machines are very profitable. To give an example, data from 2016 collected from Nevada’s brick-and-mortar casinos shows that almost two thirds of all gambling revenues in that year came from slots games! That means slots generated about $600 million per month in 2016 at Nevada casinos. With online slots now so popular, it’s likely that online casinos can also attribute the majority of their profits to real money slots games.

Do real money slots have bonus rounds?

Some of them do, but it depends on which title you’re playing. Bonus rounds are typically only found on more complex slots with five reels and multiple paylines. When playing real money slots online, you might unlock a special bonus round for matching specific symbols or earning a set amount of bonus coins. In the bonus round, you get the best chance at huge returns – these rounds usually always give out huge multipliers if you match on a specific payline. You can also earn free spins or unlock a special bonus like a re-spin or mini-game.

What are online slots wild symbols?

In the more advanced online real money slots, you’ll find special symbols that will unlock some unique options if you match them up. The most common special symbols are wilds and scatters. A wild is pretty self-explanatory – it’s literally a wild symbol that can become any other symbol in the game. These can be very desirable on five reel slots because they can help you complete larger paylines. Any wild in your payline will count as whatever other symbol you’re trying to match.

What are progressive real money slots?

Progressive slots are unique because they give players the chance to win massive jackpots that are much larger than you’ll find on any other slots games. That’s because these games pool together the wagers from players across every online casino that offers the game. For example, if online casinos in NJ and PA both feature the Divine Fortune progressive slot, then wagers from both states (and any other casinos offering Divine Fortune) will pool together. That results in a huge jackpot pool which can be in the tens of millions of dollars. To date, the biggest online progressive slot jackpot ever won was just under $20 million.