Best Real Money Online Casino Games

Today, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to real money online casino games. There are hundreds, even thousands of real money online casinos in the USA offering all types of classic casino games. These casinos have a great selection of slots and table games like blackjack and roulette.

When you play casino games for real money, you need to deposit and wager with your own cash. By doing this, you can win big jackpots and get regular payouts from the casino. But on the other hand, you can also lose money very quickly. Keep this in mind when deciding which real money casino games to play.

Some online casinos also offer free games that you can play without risking any real money. However, these games won’t give you the change to win real money. To find the best real money online casino games, check out our USA casino list here on this page.

How to Choose a Real Money Casino Game

There are a few common real money casino games that you’ll find at nearly every single US online casino. These are the true classic gambling games – things like slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat.

Each of these games has different rules and different odds. Some of them are easy to play even for totally beginners, but other require some practice and even a bit of strategy to maximize your winnings. In general, we recommend starting with easy slots and working your way up to more advanced games.

Below is a list of the most popular real money online casino games.


Slots are everywhere! Well, at least at online casinos. Slots are hands-down the most popular real money online casino games. Nearly every US online casino offers at least a few hundred slots titles so you can choose the best for you. Slots games use several reels (usually from 3-5) and the goal is to spin them and line up matching symbols. If you line up the right symbols in the right layout, you could get a massive payout. There’s not much strategy to slots, it’s mostly about luck. That said, with more advanced 5-reel slots, it pays to learn the rules of the game and get familiar first before you bet large amounts.


Blackjack is probably the most popular casino table game in the world next to poker. In blackjack, the goal is to get a card total that’s close to or equal to 21 without going over. If you go over, you lose! In blackjack, you only play against the dealer – they are also trying to get 21 without going over. There’s a ton of strategy to blackjack. If you play blackjack online for real money, we suggest you pull up a strategy guide as you play.


At online casinos, the most common type of real money poker is video poker. There are a few common versions of video poker including Jacks or Better and Double Bonus Poker. In each one, you play against the computer. There are slightly different rules for each version of video poker, but most of them use the same 5-card poker hands as classic Texas Hold ‘Em.


The classic game of the spinning wheel, roulette is an easy game to play that has no strategy involved. At online casinos, you can play real money roulette against the computer using a digital wheel. You simply pick what you want to bet on (numbers, colors, zeroes, etc.) and spin the wheel. If it lands where you placed your bet, you win!

USA Real Money Casinos FAQ

❓ What are the best real money casino games?

The answer to this question really comes down to your personal preference of which games you like to play. It also helps to have experience playing casino games. In general, the best real money games for inexperienced gamblers are slots. Real money slots have pretty good odds and don’t require massive bets. Usually, you can bet a dollar or less per round when playing real money slots. Slots are also simple to learn. If you get bored with basic slots, you can advance to more complex 5-reel slots with multiple paylines, bonus rounds, scatters, wilds, and much more.

❓ What are the best real money online slots?

There are thousands of slots titles out there today. The best ones are the ones with the largest return to player percentages – meaning they are designed to return a set amount of your cash. If you’re focused on big payouts, then progressive jackpot slots are the best choice. Our top 5 best real money slots are Divine Fortune, StarBurst, 88 Fortunes, Book of Dead, and Cleopatra.

❓ Which real money casino games have the best odds?

The best odds will depend on how you play the game. In general, blackjack has the best odds because it has a very low house edge. Blackjack takes some time to learn, but if you play it well you can consistently win. This requires practice and knowledge of the game. If you’d like to get started with online real money blackjack, try looking up a blackjack strategy guide online.

❓ Which real money casino games have the worst odds?

In general, the worst odds for real money casino games can be found in American Roulette. This version of the game has two zeroes which results in a relatively large house edge of 5.26 percent. For this reason, it’s a much better choice to play European Roulette if you have the option. This version only has one zero space which cuts the house edge in half.

❓ What are the best real money casino games for beginners?

For beginner gamblers, we recommend starting with simple real money slots that have just 3 paylines. These games are very classic and won’t have many crazy features like scatters, wilds and bonus rounds. Playing basic slots is a good way to get started without blowing tons of cash. You’ll probably win a few dollars too as you learn.