Casinos that Accept Zelle

Here’s the thing with Zelle – as a payment method, it isn’t actually accepted at online casinos. However, Zelle is a great way to buy Bitcoin (BTC). This cryptocurrency is now accepted at many of the best online casinos.

Some online casinos do accept Zelle, but when they do, it’s only so you can use Zelle to buy Bitcoin. You’ll find all this information on the casino payments page.

If an online casino advertises Zelle as a payment option, then you’ll find specific instructions for using it on the casino website.

Buy BTC with Zelle

Many online casinos now accept Bitcoin payments. You can use Zelle to easily and quickly buy Bitcoin which you can then use at online casinos. In fact, Zelle is one of the fastest ways to buy Bitcoin because you can use it to buy Bitcoin from private sellers.

This eliminates the typical 10-day wait time associated with buying Bitcoin if you were to use a crypto exchange like Coinbase.

To buy Bitcoin using Zelle, we recommend using a site called LocalBitcoins. You’ll have to setup an account on the site. Once you do, you can browse private Bitcoin sellers.

You can use Zelle to send funds from a US-based bank account to a private Bitcoin seller based in the USA.

Keep in mind that Zelle is limited to US-based transactions. You can only use it to send USD and it can only be used to send funds to US-based accounts. However, if you use Zelle to buy Bitcoin, you can then use Bitcoin anywhere that it is accepted.

Advantages of Zelle for Casino Payments

Zelle has plenty of advantages for casino payments, but it also has a few drawbacks. The primary drawback to be aware of is that Zelle is only available for US-based transactions. That means both the buyer and seller must use a US bank account for the transaction.

If you have a US bank account, then you probably already have Zelle. Nearly all major US banks offer it as a service to account holders. You can usually use Zelle right from within your banking mobile app.

Zelle also has no fees for making transactions. This is true fo any type of transaction, whether you are sending cash to a friend or buying cryptocurrency online. The only thing to watch out for is fees from the casino itself.

Zelle is one of the fastest ways to buy Bitcoin. Using a site like LocalBitcoins, you can use Zelle to pay for Bitcoin directly with a private seller. There is no waiting when you use this method to buy Bitcoin. You’ll get the Bitcoin in your account almost instantly. Zelle also allows instant payments when you just need to send cash back and forth.

Zelle FAQ

Can I use Zelle to fund my casino account?

You can, but you can’t actually use Zelle directly to put money in your account. Instead, you must use Zelle to buy Bitcoin through a site called LocalBitcoins. You can then use Bitcoin to deposit at your favorite online casinos which accept this cryptocurrency.

Is safe to use?

We believe that it is. We haven’t heard of anything that would cause us to worry. LocalBitcoins is just a website for Bitcoin trading. Private Bitcoin sellers post listings on the site where they offer to sell Bitcoins from their private collection. As a buyer, you can then use Zelle to send USD to US-based Bitcoin sellers on LocalBitcoins.

Is Zelle a good way to buy Bitcoin?

We believe that Zelle is one of the best ways to buy Bitcoin! It actually has a few big advantages over other cryptocurrency buying methods. The biggest one is the speed. With a traditional cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, you are forced to wait at least 10 days before you actually get the Bitcoin you bought in your account. Using Zelle and LocalBitcoins eliminates this wait time because you are buying Bitcoin from private sellers. We recommend this method for casino payments simply because there is no waiting and it’s still just as safe as other cryptocurrency buying methods.

Can I buy other cryptocurrencies using Zelle?

You can, but you’ll need to find another cryptocurrency trading site other than LocalBitcoins. LocalBitcoins only allows Zelle-BTC transactions. However, there are plenty of other crypto trading sites which accept Zelle for purchases of Litecoin, Ethereum, and more.

Are there special Zelle casino bonuses?

In some cases there are, but it really depends on the casino. Sometimes, you will be eligible for special deposit bonus offers if you use Zelle or Bitcoin to fund your casino account. Many of the top Zelle casinos we recommend on this page offer special offers for Zelle deposits.

Is Zelle restricted to certain countries?

Yes it is. In reality, you can only use Zelle in the USA with a US-based bank account. For cash payments to other individuals, everyone involved in the transaction must have a US bank account. The same is true for buying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you are using Zelle to buy Bitcoin, then you and the seller must both have US-based bank accounts.