How to Use Ripple at an Online Casino

Ready to make an XPR casino deposit? This guide will explain exactly how to do it. It’s similar to the process for using other cryptocurrencies at online casinos and is very easy to do.

The first step is to buy some XRP and store it in a wallet. You can buy XRP on major cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Binance then simply use the wallets provided by these sites. Additionally, you could download a wallet like Ledger, Atomic Wallet, or Trezor.

Once you have the XRP in your wallet then it’s time to choose a Ripple online casino. Our recommendation is to choose one of the best Ripple online casinos we list here on this page.

Once you have the cryptocurrency and the casino locked down, you are ready to make a deposit. First, make a casino account if you haven’t already, then navigate to the casino payments page and select Deposit. Next, choose XRP from the list of accepted cryptocurrencies.

The casino will give you a unique URL you will need to enter in your crypto wallet. Go to your wallet and enter the URL. Set the amount you want to deposit and confirm the transaction. You should have the funds in your account within minutes.

For a Ripple casino withdrawal, the process is much the same just in reverse. You will have to grab the URL from your wallet and enter it at the casino to tell it where to send the withdrawal. Then you should get the XRP in your wallet in just minutes.

Ripple FAQ

What is Ripple?

It’s important to know that Ripple is not actually the name of a cryptocurrency. Ripple is actually a payment system developed by Ripple Labs. Ripple was designed to accept a wide range of different currencies, but XPR is its primary currency. Ripple is a type of blockchain network, similar to the blockchain networks used by all other cryptocurrencies. However, it’s not limited only to use with XPR and cryptocurrencies. It was designed to be a money transfer network that would replace outdated and costly centralized payment networks. Today, despite some legal trouble with the SEC, Ripple is finding popularity among major organizations. It’s a better solution than bank-run payment networks because it has extremely low transaction fees. The typical fee for a Ripple transaction is around 0.00001 XRP but it fluctuates based on the current value of XRP.

What is XRP?

XRP is a cryptocurrency. It was created by the same people who created the Ripple payment network and is used to facilitate transactions on the Ripple network. When making payments with Ripple, fees are charged using XRP. XRP uses the Ripple network as its blockchain ledger for transactions. It’s a bit different than the blockchains used by major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and it actually has some unique advantages. One of the biggest points about cryptocurrencies and blockchains is that they are decentralized, meaning no one controls them. They control themselves and all transactions are verified by the network itself. However, on the XRP Ripple network, there is a list of about 35 trusted transaction validation organizations. These organizations provide independent verification of XRP transactions. Users can also choose to opt-out of this method and simply let the network verify transactions. Ultimately, this system makes XRP Ripple transactions much faster than Bitcoin transactions. Bitcoin can take up to a few hours to verify a transaction, while XRP transactions are verified in just seconds.

Is XRP a good cryptocurrency for online casinos?

We like XRP as a casino payment method for a few reasons. First of all, it’s anonymous and globally accessible so it can be used anywhere by anyone. It also offers extremely fast transactions with zero payment fees. Additionally, it is highly secure. XRP does have a few drawbacks, but none of them have stopped us from using it. It does have a volatile price, but so do all cryptocurrencies these days. Lately, the Ripple company has had some scrutiny from the SEC but most people expect it to pass quickly. Major organizations and online casinos still use XRP despite these troubles, a good sign for its future. The final drawback is that most online casinos don’t accept XRP just yet. We’ve listed a few of the best XRP casinos here on this page to save you some time.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use at online casinos?

It really depends on the casino. Some online casinos don’t accept any cryptocurrencies while others specialize in it. In general, the most popular cryptocurrencies for online casino gambling at Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Monero, Dash, Litecoin, NEO, and Zcash.

What are the best XRP online casinos?

There are a few criteria that we use to pick the best Ripple online casinos. First, we look at the casino gambling license and reputation to make sure the site is safe. Any online casino with a license from the UK, Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, or Alderney will be reputable. After that, we check the casino game selection to see which iGaming developers are on board. If big name developers are present, that’s a good sign that the casino is safe. Active 24/7 customer support and multiple language options are also good signs.