How to Make Neteller Casino Deposits

The first step to using Neteller for online casino deposits is making a Neteller account. This is totally free to do and can be completed in just a couple minutes on the Neteller website. If you’ve ever used another e-wallet like PayPal or Skrill, the process will feel very similar. Once you have a Neteller account, then follow these steps to make Neteller casino deposits.

  1. Fund Your Neteller Account – Before you can add funds to a casino account, you need to make sure your Neteller has access to funding. That means connecting a credit card or bank account to your Neteller account. You can either setup a payment method to use via Neteller or add funds directly to your Neteller account.
  2. Visit the Casino Cashier – At online casinos, the cashier is really just a page on the website for payments. From there, you can select “Deposit” and then select Neteller from the list of accepted payment methods.
  3. Setup the Neteller Deposit – Once you pick Neteller from the list of casino deposit methods, you then need to select the transaction details you want. You’ll have to specify the amount of cash you want to add to your casino account. Keep in mind that every casino has different minimum and maximum limits for Neteller deposits.
  4. Start Playing Casino Games – Once your Neteller transaction is approved, you should have your funds ready for gambling in just minutes! That’s one of our favorite parts of using Neteller casinos.

How to Make Neteller Casino Withdrawals

Neteller is also a great method for casino withdrawals. It’s actually much more widely accepted for casino withdrawals than other popular methods like Mastercard and Visa. Most online casinos don’t charge any fees for Neteller withdrawals. Below are the basic steps to completing a Neteller casino withdrawal.

  1. Setup the Casino Withdrawal – Make sure you have enough cash to withdraw so that you meet the casino’s minimum withdrawal limit (this varies by casino). Once you confirm that, you might have to provide additional ID depending on the casino as some sites require this for withdrawals.
  2. Select a Neteller Casino Withdrawal – From the casino payments portal, you should be able to pick Neteller from the list of accepted withdrawal methods. If you don’t see Neteller displayed prominently, check if it’s hidden inside a drop-down menu for e-wallets. Otherwise, the casino might not accept Neteller.
  3. Setup the Neteller Withdrawal – Every casino has different minimum and maximum Neteller withdrawal limits. You’ll find this info on the casino payments page. If you meet the requirements, you can setup the withdrawal by entering the amount you wish to withdraw. Online casinos won’t charge you any fees for Neteller withdrawals, but Neteller might charge you a small fee to transfer the funds from your Neteller account to your bank.

Neteller FAQ

Is Neteller safe for casino payments?

It’s actually extremely safe! The main reason for this is because Neteller itself is like a middleman in your transactions. That means that Neteller gives you an extra layer of security on top of what you get from your credit card or bank. The online casino will never actually see your payment details since it’s all taken care of inside Neteller. That helps protect your financial info. Neteller is always watching out for suspicious activity and fraud. Neteller is also there to help if you have any issues with online merchants or online casinos.

Who owns Neteller?

Neteller is currently owned by PaySafe, the UK-based company that also owns PaySafeCard and Skrill.

What are the benefits of using Neteller?

Neteller has a range of benefits which apply to online casino transactions. The biggest one is the currency flexibility this service offers. Neteller accepts a wide range of common international currencies for deposit. Neteller can also provide currency conversion right inside their service. That’s a big help for international gamblers. Neteller is also a middleman in your transactions that gives you more safety and security should something go wrong.

Is Neteller better than using a credit card?

Neteller does have some benefits that you won’t get from traditional credit cards – the service accepts tons of currencies and allows for easy currency conversion. You can also use your credit cards through the Neteller service to make payments. When doing it this way, Neteller gives you extra security since it acts as a middleman – any online retailers or casinos will never actually see your credit card number or any sensitive details. This is all held inside Neteller and kept safe.

What are the differences between Neteller, Skrill and PayPal?

All of these services are e-wallets that allow you to connect various payment methods to add funds. You can use each service the same way in online transactions. Each one acts as a middleman to protect your financial info. However, the biggest difference is where they are accepted. At online casinos, you’ll find that Skrill and Neteller are accepted much more widely than PayPal.