Advantages of Credit Card Payments

Credit cards can be found in nearly every wallet today. That’s because they’re safe and convenient ways to pay. They often give you some great perks too like cashback on purchases.

The main advantages of credit card casino payments are speed, safety, and low or zero fees. 

Credit card transactions are typically processed instantly so you can start playing casino games right away. They are also extremely safe since the credit card company protects you from fraud or charges on stolen cards. Additionally, most online casinos charge no fees for credit card payments.

Commonly Accepted Casino Credit Cards

Gambling sites that accept credit cards will almost always accept Visa and Mastercard. These are the most common when using a credit card for gambling. 

Visa has a wide global network covering hundreds of countries. This is a great card to use for casino payments and international transactions. Mastercard is very similar in that it has an extensive network around the world. Both companies have robust customer support and fraud protection.

Other common cards at US casino sites that accept credit cards are American Express and Discover, but these are less widely accepted. 

The issue with both American Express (Amex) and Discover are that these companies don’t allow online gambling transactions on their cards. That said, some casinos have figured out ways to get around these rules by processing payments through other companies they own. 

Looking for Amex and Discover casinos? We do have a few US casinos that accept these credit cards on our list here on this page.

How to Make a Credit Card Casino Deposit

At US online casinos that accept credit cards, making a deposit is easy! It’s just like making a purchase at any online store. Once you enter your details, the transaction is processed instantly. Your funds will be available to gamble right away.

To make a credit card deposit, you’ll have to make a casino account then login and access the Payment or Banking section of the casino. This is also sometimes called the cashier, just like a land-based casino. You can find the best credit card casinos right here on this page if you don’t know where to start.

Once you get to the payments page, select Deposit and then pick credit card from the list of accepted payment methods. At this point, you’ll need to enter the card details just like you would at any online merchant.

Once you confirm the deposit, you’ll be redirected to a new page. Here you should see a message that the deposit went through. Once you know the deposit was accepted, check your account to make sure you got the funds. Then you’re ready to start playing casino games!

Credit Cards & Debit Cards FAQ

❓ Are credit cards accepted at online casinos?

Yes, they are. In fact, credit cards are the single most commonly accepted payment method at USA online casinos. Now, that is not always true – there are some online casinos that don’t accept credit cards, but they are rare. In general, credit cards are accepted at almost every US online casino. You can find the best US credit card casinos here on this page.

❓ Which credit cards are accepted at online casinos?

In general, Visa and Mastercard are accepted nearly everywhere. If you find a US casino site that accepts credit cards, there’s a very good chance it accepts Visa and Mastercard. Some online casino sites do accept Amex, but they are rare because Amex doesn’t allow online gambling transactions. That said, we have found a few US casinos that accept Amex credit cards – you can find them in our list here on this page. Discover is also accepted sometimes, but it’s even less common than Amex.

❓ Can I withdraw using a credit card at online casinos?

In general, the answer is no. Most US online casinos don’t allow credit card withdrawals. However, there are exceptions. Some online casinos do allow credit card withdrawals, but in these cases you’re typically limited to only withdrawing the amount you initially deposited. Our best casino withdrawal method is an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller. These methods allow you to withdraw all your winnings at once (unless the casino has a withdrawal limit) and there are usually no fees.

❓ Are there fees for casino credit card payments?

Most online casinos don’t have any fees for credit card deposits or withdrawals. None of the US online casinos we’ve listed here on this page impose any fees for credit card transactions. Credit card companies don’t charge very high processing fees compared to other payment methods, so the casinos are willing to take the hit. The only way you might get charged a fee is from your own bank or credit card company. Be sure to check with your card provider first to make sure there are no fees for gambling transactions.

❓ Are there drawbacks to credit card casino payments?

There are very few drawbacks to using credit cards for online casino payments. However, there are some you should be aware of. The first drawback is that most online casinos don’t allow credit card withdrawals, so you’ll be stuck using another withdrawal method. We recommend using an e-wallet withdrawal for fast processing and low fees. The only other drawback is that some credit card companies don’t let you use their cards for online gambling transactions. American Express and Discover are two major examples of credit card companies that don’t allow gambling transactions.

❓ How does a credit card casino deposit work?

In general, depositing at a casino with a credit card is just like making a purchase at an online store. You simply enter the payment details like card number, expiration date and security code then confirm the transaction. It’s simple and quick to do!