History of Bitcoin Cash

In the summer of 2017, conflict was brewing in the Bitcoin community. Some members believed that, because Bitcoin’s popularity had soared, a change had to be made in order to allow more transactions per second. Others in the community felt differently.

The ultimate result of this conflict was that Bitcoin split into two separate cryptocurrencies. One side continued under the name Bitcoin (BTC), and the other side became Bitcoin Cash (BCH). That means both cryptocurrencies use the same underlying blockchain technology, but each one has its own unique blockchain ledger.

After the split, Bitcoin continued on as it always has – nothing with this cryptocurrency was changed. However, Bitcoin Cash adopted a few important changes to allow more transactions per second.

Difference Between BTC and BCH

Bitcoin Cash was created as a direct spin-off of Bitcoin, so both of these cryptocurrencies share the same blockchain technology. However, when Bitcoin Cash was created, changes were made to this cryptocurrency’s block size which ultimately allowed for more transactions to be processed per second.

The result of this change really means that BCH is more of a transactional currency, so it’s perfect for casino payments. It is intended for commerce and payments between individuals. It also trades at a lower price than BTC so it’s more accessible to more people.

Bitcoin, with its high value and smaller block size, is better suited to storing and holding value. It can still be used for commerce transactions, but with less transactions per second it can be slower to process.

Additionally, with such a high value, you’ll likely be trading in tenths and hundredths of a Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash Casino Payments

Bitcoin Cash is now accepted widely at many of the best online casinos. It’s a safe and anonymous payment method. At most Bitcoin Cash casinos, you can even use the cryptocurrency for both deposits and withdrawals.

To use Bitcoin Cash for casino payments, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet. This is where you’ll store your coins and authorize transactions. We recommend using top cryptocurrency wallets including Coinbase, Gemini, Bitstamp, and Kraken. Each one support Bitcoin Cash as well as other cryptocurrencies.

To make a Bitcoin Cash casino payment, head to the casino payments or banking page and select Bitcoin Cash from the list of available methods.

For a Bitcoin Cash deposit, the casino will give you a unique URL to enter in your cryptocurrency wallet. You must setup the transaction in your wallet then enter the URL so the wallet knows where to send the Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin Cash FAQ

Is Bitcoin Cash a good investment?

That’s really up to you, but at this point things are looking good. Bitcoin Cash has a lower value than Bitcoin, but it has slowly grown in popularity. It’s now accepted at many of the top online casinos. If you like the idea of using crypto for casino payments, then we recommend giving Bitcoin Cash a look because it’s cheaper to buy and just as safe as Bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Cash safe and secure?

It certainly is. Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash uses a blockchain to document all transactions and verify every action. The blockchain is decentralized, meaning no single person or organization has control over it. Every transaction that takes place is verified by every computer on the blockchain. This helps prevent any one person from hacking the transaction records - if one record doesn’t match up with the thousands of others around the world, it won’t be allowed.

Is Bitcoin Cash better than Bitcoin?

It really depends on what you want out of the currency. Bitcoin (BTC) now has a really high value per coin, so it’s more expensive to buy in and less practical to use for small transactions. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is much cheaper per coin and allows more transactions per second. If you only want to use cryptocurrency for small transactions, then go with Bitcoin Cash.

Where do I get Bitcoin Cash?

You can now buy Bitcoin Cash through many of the world’s most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. There are more than 20 top crypto exchanges out there today which offer Bitcoin Cash trades. You can buy BCH using standard currency or using another cryptocurrency of your choice.

Are there fees for Bitcoin Cash casino payments?

It depends on the casino, but in most cases there are no fees for cryptocurrency deposits or withdrawals.

How long do Bitcoin Cash transactions take?

This is actually another big advantage of using cryptocurrencies for casino payments. In most cases, BCH payments will be processed instantly. That means you’ll get funds in your casino account in just a few minutes.

Are there any drawbacks to using Bitcoin Cash? History of Bitcoin Cash

There are drawbacks to every payment method, it just depends what is important to you! For cryptocurrencies in general, the biggest drawback is the volatility. The value of cryptocurrencies can change rapidly, swinging by hundreds or even thousands of dollars in just hours. Things have stabilized a bit at this point, but cryptocurrency values still fluctuate regularly.