Our list of top bank transfer casinos includes our top picks based on payment speed, funds availability, and processing fees. Our team has vetted each site for safety and security. Play with confidence when you use one of our hand-picked bank transfer casinos!

How Bank Transfer Payments Work

Bank transfers, or wire transfers, eliminate the middleman when it comes to casino payments. For a bank transfer casino deposit, you are effectively taking money directly from your bank account and giving it to the casino. For a bank transfer casino withdrawal, the casino will send the funds right to your account with no other steps involved.

Nearly every single online casino offers wire transfers as a payment method for deposits and withdrawals. To get started, head to the casino payments page and select whether you would like to deposit or withdraw.

Bank Transfer Casino Deposit

For a wire transfer casino deposit, select “deposit” on the casino payments page. Next, select wire or bank transfer from the list of available methods. You’ll have to enter the deposit amount and the bank account info the casino needs to process the payment. Be sure to enter an amount greater than the casino’s minimum deposit limit.

Once you authorize the transaction, you will likely have to complete a security check from your bank either by email or text message. It’s different for every bank. Just follow the steps and your payment will be authorized quickly. At this point, you just need to wait for your funds. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few business days.

Bank Transfer Casino Withdrawal

A bank transfer casino withdrawal works much the same way as a bank transfer deposit. You start by going to the casino cashier or payments page. Select “withdrawal” then choose “wire transfer” from the list of withdrawal methods.

At this point, you will have to enter your banking details and the amount you wish to withdraw. Once you enter this info, you will be given a breakdown of any fees associated with the transaction. Many online casinos do impose a fee on bank transfer withdrawals, but it is often just a few dollars.

If you are willing to accept the fees, then simply accept and approve the transaction. Just be aware that wire transfer withdrawals are not immediate. You will not get your funds right away. Typically, a wire transfer withdrawal takes a few business days to process.

Bank Transfer FAQ

Are bank transfers safe for casino payments?

Wire transfers or bank transfers are some of the most secure casino payment methods because they must be approved by both your bank and the casino. As a bank account holder, you are protected by the bank and its policies. In many cases, your bank will also require additional verification, either via text or email, in order to approve a direct transfer payment. This is just another way that your bank protects your and your money.

Are there fees for bank transfer casino payments?

There can be, but it depends on the casino and the bank. In many cases, online casinos do charge a small fee for a bank transfer withdrawal, but no fees are imposed on bank transfer deposits. However, many banks impose larger fees for both types of transactions. These fees can be even higher if your transaction is international. Be sure to check your bank’s transfer fees before using this method.

Do bank transfer casino deposits get special bonuses?

Sometimes they do! It depends on the casino. Some of the best bank transfer casinos we’ve listed on this page offer exclusive deposit bonuses when you use a wire transfer to add funds to your casino account. Ultimately, this comes down to the casino you are playing at.

How long do wire transfer casino payments take?

This can be a big drawback to wire transfer casino payments. In most cases, you will be waiting at least one full business day for your transaction to be processed by your bank. In the worst case, you will be waiting up to a full week before your transaction is processed.

Are other casino payment methods better than wire transfers?

In general, there are plenty of other casino payment methods with advantages over bank transfers. Credit and debit card payments are much faster and often have no fees for deposits or withdrawals. We also recommend cryptocurrency payments if speed is your main priority - once you have the cryptocurrency in your crypto wallet, then casino payments using the currency are instant.

Do all banks allow casino wire transfer payments?

Sadly, the answer is no. Not all banks allow wire transfer payments for gambling activities. It depends on the bank you use. If you are unsure if your bank will allow a gambling payment, we suggest that you check your bank’s policies or contact your bank’s customer support. This is a big reason why you might want to use a different casino payment method like a credit card or e-wallet.

Do casinos allow bank transfers for both deposits and withdrawals?

In most cases they do, but check with the casino first. For wire transfer casino deposits, there are not usually any fees from the casino but your bank might impose a fee. Additionally, a bank transfer casino deposit can take a few days to process. Wire transfer casino withdrawals can also have slow processing times. For withdrawals, you will likely be hit with a small fee from the casino itself as well as another, likely larger fee from your bank.