Benefits of Bank Check Payments

There are more benefits to eCheck casino payments than you might think. The first thing to make sure is that the casino you’re using has strong security measures and encryption in place to protect your funds. At the best eCheck casinos, this is pretty standard. If you choose to play at any of the bank check casinos we recommend, you can be confident there are strong protections in place. Our expert team verifies every casino for safety before we recommend it.

To make a bank check casino payment, you must still give your banking details like account and routing numbers to the casino. However, the big difference here when comparing to a standard bank transfer is that the money doesn’t just go right from your account to the casino. This protects you and your money.

When you make an eCheck casino payment, the casino must first use the Automated Clearing House network or ACH to contact your bank. That’s why bank check payments are sometimes called ACH transfers. ACH is like a middleman that protects your cash – it will verify your details before allowing any money to leave your account.

The other big benefit of eCheck payments is that you can reverse the transaction in the event of any shady business. If you’re using an online casino you’re not familiar with (especially if it’s not one we recommend), then a bank check payment might give you some peace of mind.

How to Make a Bank Check Casino Deposit

Using a bank check to deposit at your favorite online casino is easy. First, go to the casino payment page, select deposit, then choose eCheck or bank check as the payment method. Next, you’ll have to enter you banking info including account number, routing number, and your bank name.

At this point, you will also need to enter the amount of money you want to deposit. Just make sure it’s within the casino’s deposit limits. Once you do that, the casino will contact your bank via the ACH network. If everything clears, then your bank will send the check to the casino.

Be aware that while this process is safe, it’s not the fastest casino payment method. In general, a bank check casino payment can take anywhere from one business day up to a full week. However, when using the best eCheck casinos that we recommend, you should always get your funds within three business days.

How to Make a Bank Check Casino Withdrawal

The process for making an eCheck casino withdrawal starts out the same as the deposit process. Simply head to the casino payments page, select withdrawal, then select eCheck if it is available.

At this point, if it’s your first bank check withdrawal, you will have the enter the same banking info as you would for a bank check casino deposit. The casino will once again contact your bank via ACH in order to authorize the payment.

If everything checks out with your details, then the casino will send the funds to you. They will go directly into your bank account.

Most bank check casino withdrawals take no longer than three business days.

Bank Check FAQ

Are bank check casino payments safe?

Yes, they are actually one of the safest casino payment methods available. They are also accepted at nearly all online casinos. The main reason that eChecks are so safe is that there is an extra step, or a middleman, between your bank account and the casino. That means there is an extra layer of security. You can also reverse the transaction in the event of any unfair business practices.

What is the difference between eCheck and bank transfer casino payments?

With a bank transfer casino payment, you authorize a payment directly from your bank account to the casino. That means the money will go straight from your account to the casino, or vice versa if you are doing a withdrawal. With a bank check, there is another step of verification in the process. The ACH network must first verify your payment before anything is processed. You can also reverse the transaction with an eCheck if needed - with a bank transfer, once you authorize the payment there’s nothing you can do to change it.

Are there fees for bank check casino payments?

It really comes down to the casino you use and your specific bank. In general, online casinos don’t charge any fees for bank check payments. However, your bank might impose a small fee. They are typically a small percentage of the total amount your are sending or receiving.

Do I need to provide banking info to use an eCheck?

Yes you do. You will need to provide the casino with your bank name, account number, and routing number to make a bank check casino deposit or withdrawal.

How long do bank check casino payments take?

We’ll be honest - bank checks are not the fastest casino payment option. If speed is your main priority, we recommend using a credit card or e-wallet. Bank check casino payment usually take anywhere from one to three business days to process, so you won’t get your funds right away. In the worst case, eCheck casino payments can take up to a week to process.