What is Live Dealer Video Poker?

What is Live Dealer Video Poker?

Live dealer video poker is really just a slight variation on the classic form of video poker. It only exists at physical casinos, and most do not offer it. The game uses the same type of terminals as classic video poker games but it also incorporates a live human dealer.

Poker Games Interactive was the first developer to launch live dealer video poker when it debuted in Macau in 2016. Poker Games Interactive launched two versions of the game at that time, Dragon Tail Poker™ and Panda Poker 5*5*5.

Both these games are played on classic video poker terminals. The really interesting thing is that each game supports multiple tables and requires a live dealer to control the games. However, live dealer video poker never really took off. Today, you cannot find it anywhere.

Where to Play Live Dealer Video Poker

Where to Play Live Dealer Video Poker

In reality, live dealer video poker does not exist today. You won’t be able to find it at any online casinos. Instead, you have the choice of either classic video poker or live dealer online poker.

Video poker itself is a totally computerized version of poker with several popular variants. You can find it almost everywhere at online casinos. Most physical casinos also offer video poker terminals.

Live dealer poker is an online version of poker in which a live dealer actually controls the game. These games bring some interactivity back into online poker. Players can chat live with dealers and even with other players. Additionally, players get to watch the dealer in real time via a live online video stream.

How to Play Live Dealer Poker

How to Play Video Poker

Video poker will feel familiar to anyone who has played Texas Hold ‘Em before. That’s because just like this classic poker variant, in video poker you’re trying to make the best five-card poker hand. The same hands apply – straight, flush, royal flush, pairs, full house, and the rest are still your goals as the player.

The biggest difference with video poker is that instead of getting just two hole cards, you actually get five cards to start the hand. You can choose to hold or swap as many of your initial five cards as you like. Once you select your cards, the computer will re-deal and the hand will be settled.

How to Play Live Dealer Poker

How to Play Live Dealer Poker

Live dealer poker is much more like the classic type of poker you’re probably used to. That’s the whole point of this game – it really is trying to be as close to casino floor poker as possible.

Live online poker is essentially the same as Texas Hold ‘Em but with one big difference – instead of playing against all other players at the table, you only play against the dealer. The dealer will try to make their own five-card hand using their two hole cards and the five community cards.

Your goal is to make a better poker hand than the dealer using your hole cards along with the community cards. The possible poker hands are the same as classic Texas Hold ‘Em.

Video Poker vs Live Dealer Poker

Video Poker vs Live Dealer Poker

There are big differences between video poker and live dealer poker.

In live dealer poker, you’re playing with a real dealer and real players. That means you have to make your bets in a timely manner – every round is timed.

In video poker, you can take your time since the computer is your only opponent. That said, video poker can also move pretty fast if you want it to.

In live dealer poker, there are live dealers and other human players. In video poker, everything is totally digital and you’re playing by yourself against the computer.

Video poker also has a lot more strategy involved than Casino Hold ‘Em live dealer poker. Experienced players know exactly how to bet in every situation. You can look up video poker strategy guides online.

Live Dealer Video Poker FAQ

❓ What is the best live dealer video poker game?

Live dealer video poker doesn’t really exist anywhere at online casinos. We know of a couple games that were developed by Poker Games Interactive a few years back. However, these were only available in physical casinos.

❓ What types of video poker are there?

Video poker is available at almost all online casinos and most physical casinos too. The most popular versions of video poker are Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Faces, Joker Poker, and Bonus Poker.

❓ Where can I play live dealer poker online?

Many online casinos today are offering live dealer poker. In these games, you play against the dealer, not other players. However, you still get that interactive experience because you can see the dealer live and chat with them. You can find some live online poker via our curated online casino list on this page.

❓ What is the best video poker strategy?

There isn’t just one video poker strategy that is the best. That’s because there are many different versions of video poker. Each one has a slightly different strategy. You can find all kinds of video poker strategy guides online.

❓ Can I make money playing video poker?

You can if you know what you’re doing. That’s because video poker and live dealer poker, just like classic Texas Hold ‘Em, are mainly games of skill. You can influence your odds of winning by making smart moves in every situation. That requires some skill and experience to do, so we recommend practicing with free online poker first.