What are Live Dealer Slots?

If you’re familiar with typical slot machines, then you already know how live dealer slots work. Typical slots use three to five reels which you spin with a button or lever. Your goal is to match up symbols on the pay lines.

Slots are typically not social games because they are played only by one person at a time. That’s where live dealer slots come in – these games bring some interactivity back into slots. Live dealer slots are basically the same slots games you’ll find on the casino floor, except that a live dealer spins the reels for you.

How Do Live Dealer Slots Work?

Live dealer slots games can only be played online via web-based casinos. As with other online live dealer casino games, the live dealer is located in a studio. The live dealer is broadcast from the studio to player computers via a live video stream over the internet.

As the player, you can interact with the live slots dealer via a live chat function. You can see the live dealer onscreen, but they won’t see or hear you. You still get to control the gameplay – you choose all the bets and make any other gameplay decisions. However, the dealer will actually input your bets on the machine and spin the slot reels for you.

Online Live Slots Gameplay

A typical live slots game is like a cross between a live dealer casino game and an online slots game. Just like other online slots, you start each round by placing your bet. The betting minimums and maximums will depend on the casino and the specific live slots game you’re playing.

Once you place your bet, you must then click “Spin” to tell the live dealer you’re ready to spin the reels. From here, gameplay continues just like it would on any other slot machine. The gaming software will take care of settling all bets for you and will keep track of your winnings. After each spin, you can change your bet or choose to immediately spin again.

Live Slot Games Available Today

At this point, not many game developers have launched their own live slots titles. Evolution Gaming started this trend and is still one of the few major casino game developers to offer live slot games.

Our take is that Evolution Gaming saw a potential gap in the market and tried out a fresh idea. We can’t say how successful it will be, but we do know that Evolution Gaming is a top casino game developer. You can be confident that anything they release will be top quality.

The only live slot game available today from Evolution Gaming is Mermaid’s Fortune. The game has a nautical ocean theme and the main character is a mermaid. In general, you should be able to find it at any online casino that offers Evolution Gaming titles.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Online Slots

Live casino slots have both good and bad elements. Overall, we like the creativity and fresh energy that this idea brings into slots gaming. However, we don’t know if the idea will catch on since most people are used to playing slots alone.

Live dealer slots give you additional interactivity since you can chat live with the dealer. You can try out different dealers until you find one you like. If you’re used to classic slots, then you might enjoy this as a new type of slots experience.

However, the selection of live slots is very limited today. Many of the available titles require high minimum bets. Additionally, with all the creative online video slots out there today, you might find that live dealer slots are more basic in comparison.

Live Dealer Slots FAQ

❓ Where can I play live slots?

Evolution Gaming is still one of the only major game developers to offer live dealer slots games online. You should be able to find live slots anywhere that Evolution Gaming titles are offered. We have put together a list of our top live dealer slots online casinos right here on this page.

❓ Do slot machines need dealers?

That’s really the big question when it comes to live dealer slots - are they really necessary? The decision is up to you. We recommend that you at least give these games a try before you pass judgement. You might find that they’re more entertaining than regular online slots!

❓ Are the live dealers real people?

Yes they are! Any live dealer casino game you find will be using real live human dealers. These dealers are located in remote studios and broadcast live to player computers via online video streams. Most live dealer games (including live slots) let you chat live with the dealer during gameplay. This interactivity is one of the biggest draws to live dealer online casinos.

❓ Do live dealer slots have bonus rounds?

It depends on the specific live slots game you’re playing. At this time, Mermaid’s Fortune from Evolution Gaming does not offer any bonus rounds.

❓ Can I make money playing live dealer slots?

You certainly can, but these games are not as profitable as some other casino games. That’s because they require more overhead costs for the casino - it’s not cheap to pay dealers and keep live gaming studios running! For this reason, you’ll also find that many live slots games require higher minimum bets.