How Live Dealer Games Work

Many US online casinos today offer live dealer online gambling. You’ll find live dealer games for all the most popular casino table games including blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat. We’ve put together a list of the best live dealer casinos here on this page. Each one accepts US players and offers a range of popular live dealer table games.

In a live dealer online casino game, there’s a real human dealer controlling the game. There’s no computer to generate the cards or spin the roulette wheel – the dealer controls everything in real time. That means the dealer flips and deals cards, spins the roulette wheel, and declares the winner of the hand. In this way, live dealer games are very similar to playing table games at a land-based casino.

As a player, you can see everything the dealer does live via an online video feed. The dealer is located in a remote studio, either at the casino or at the game developer’s headquarters. They are on-camera the entire time. You can even chat live with the dealer if you want using a live chat feature. If you don’t want to chat, you can simply turn this off. Some live dealer games also let you chat live with other players.

Types of Live Dealer Casino Games

There are typically a few common table games you can choose from when looking for live dealer casino games. Most of these games are developed by well-known iGaming companies like Evolution Gaming and NetEnt. These developers make some of the best casino games in the world, so you can be sure live dealer games will offer smooth gameplay.

  • Live roulette is very popular because it’s highly interactive. Roulette is one of the most fun games to play on the casino floor, but it loses some of the magic when it’s made into a digital game. Live dealer roulette brings some of the fun back into this game.
  • Live blackjack is also very popular. You will still play against the dealer directly, but there might be other players at the table too. This can slow down the game a bit compared to digital blackjack, but that’s part of the fun. You can chat with other players or the dealer while you wait.
  • Live baccarat is less common but you can still find it at many online casinos. There will be a round of betting that the dealer will control. Every player will be asked how they want to bet. Then, the dealer will deal out cards to players and take two of their own. Once cards are dealt, the dealer will settle the hand and declare the winner.
  • Live Hold’Em is also somewhat common. In this game, you are playing classic 5-card poker like Texas Hold’Em. The main difference is that with casino hold’em you only play against the dealer. All you need to do to win is beat the dealer’s hand.

Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Games

Live dealer online casino games are much more realistic than fully digital table games. They give you more of the real casino experience with a social environment and realistic gameplay. You can chat live with the dealer and other players. You also get the benefit of seeing everything happen in real-time.

However, there are a few drawbacks to live dealer online casino games. Live dealer games generally move a bit slower than digital table games. There are usually only a few options at any online casino, so you’re limited to just a couple different games. There are also time limits on player turns, meaning you must make your bets within a time window or you’ll be skipped over. 

Live dealer games have limited seats, meaning you might not always get a place at the table. Additionally, most live dealer games are not available 24/7 because the dealers need to get sleep too! The house edge for live dealer games is also typically a bit higher than the digital versions of the same table games.

USALive Casinos FAQ

❓ What is the best live dealer casino game?

In general, the best live dealer casino games are roulette and blackjack. These are the most common live dealer games out there today so you’ll easily be able to find a spot at a table. These games are also fun to play since there’s a social and interactive element to the gameplay.

❓ Can I play live dealer games at mobile casinos?

Yes, sometimes you can, but it depends on the casino. Not every online casino offers live dealer mobile games. We’ve included a few in our list here on this page so be sure to check them out!

❓ Are live dealer games fair?

Yes, they are. In general, they are played in almost the exact same way as table games on a brick-and-mortar casino floor. Brick-and-mortar casino games are fair because the dealer is being watched so they can’t cheat. Additionally, the cards are shuffled extremely well. In many cases, there are also several decks of cards in play at one time.

❓ Can I play free live dealer games online?

It’s difficult to find free live dealer casino games. We have not been able to find any for US players. That said, most live dealer casino games have relatively low buy-ins and minimum bets so you can play for just a few dollars.

❓ How are live dealer games different from other online casino games?

The main difference is that a real human dealer controls the live dealer game in real time. You get to see the dealer onscreen via a live online video feed.