All USA High Roller Online Casinos

Things are a little bit different at online casinos. You probably won’t get a hotel room and private table, but you can still take advantage of great VIP bonus offers and high stakes games.

Some online casinos even offer VIP programs so you can maximize your rewards. At a few sites which partner with land-based casinos, you can redeem these rewards online or in-person at the brick-and-mortar casino.

High Roller Perks

When it comes to high rollers and VIP gamblers, it’s all about the perks! This has long been a staple of land-based casino gambling. It’s common for regular gamblers or high stakes players to receive free “comps” in the form of free meals, free drinks, and even free hotel rooms at the casino resort.

However, since online casinos don’t have physical locations, they really can’t offer the same types of perks. Don’t worry – there are still plenty of benefits to being an online casino high roller.

Many online casinos offer VIP rewards or loyalty programs. These are very similar to the comp programs you’ll find in land-based casinos, but the rewards on offer are different. Instead of getting a free steak dinner, you might get a cash prize or special casino bonus. In some cases, the top VIP online gamblers can earn themselves big prizes like cars and vacations just like you would in a physical casino.

Online casinos also offer special VIP bonus offers for high rollers. Since high rollers usually deposit more money, online casinos reciprocate with bigger bonus offers. That means that instead of a $500 deposit match, a high roller might get a $5,000 deposit match.

You might also find special cash back bonus offers specifically for high rollers. For example, if the standard cash back bonus is 10% back up to $100, a VIP gambler might find that their bonus has increased to 30% back up to $1,000.

High Stakes Games

Not every online casino site offers high stakes games. Even when they do, you might find that the options are pretty limited. At most sites, there are only a handful of high limit games.

That’s where we come in! We’ve done the research and testing for you. Our selection of the best high roller online casinos includes sites offering a wide range of high stakes games including slots, poker, blackjack, and more.

The best high roller online casinos have a wide range of high stakes games. These games are for experienced gamblers only. Buy-ins at these tables can be significant, so make sure you know what you’re getting into.

If you’re looking for high stakes poker or high stakes blackjack, our high roller casino guide has plenty of great choices. Each one has been verified by our experts for safety and reliability.

High Roller Online Casinos FAQ

✅ How do I become a high roller?

Before you ask this question, take a step back and consider why you want to be a high roller. Being a high stakes gambler means you’re betting much more money than most other gamblers, so the risks are much higher. If you have the cash and the gambling experience, then this might be for you. To actually become a high roller, you need to deposit and bet large sums of money. That means depositing thousands of dollars at a time and playing only the highest stakes games. If you do this regularly, the online casino will recognize that you’re a high roller. Once that happens, you’ll unlock all the best high roller perks and bonus offers.

✅ What are the best high roller online casino games?

In general, table games are the primary stomping grounds for high roller gamblers. Blackjack and poker are the two most popular high stakes casino games. Most online casinos don’t have a huge selection of high stakes games, but you’ll probably find at least a couple options on most sites. To get a better selection, choose from our list of the best high roller online casinos. These sites offer a lot more high stakes games than typical online casinos do.

✅ How do I keep from losing high roller status?

It’s all about consistency! To earn high roller status, you need to regularly deposit and bet large sums at a time. In order to maintain this status, you just need to keep doing that consistently over time. That’s the biggest reason why high roller status isn’t for every gambler. There’s a lot of money required and a lot of risk involved with high stakes gambling. Just make sure you have the experience and can afford the cost before you end up going broke!

✅ What if I’m not a high roller?

That’s totally ok! In fact, most gamblers are not high rollers. Only a very small percentage of gamblers actually have the skill and bankroll to become true high rollers. It’s for this reason that most online casinos do not offer many high stakes games. That’s why we’ve put together this high roller online casino guide to help you find the best high roller sites! The good news is that most online casinos understand that most players are not high rollers - they’re geared more towards the typical gambler. That means most online casino games you’ll find will offer relatively low stakes. Some slots games even have buy-ins under a dollar per round.

✅ What is a high roller?

Every casino uses a different formula to determine who is a high roller. In general, the casino looks at its data and any gamblers who are outliers on the higher end are considered high rollers. These gamblers wager significantly more money per hand or round than the average gambler. The other piece of becoming a high roller is consistency. It’s not as critical that you gamble huge amounts on every hand to be considered a high roller - what really matters is your average over time. If you consistently wager 10x more than the average gambler each month, then you’re probably going to be considered a high roller. You don’t always have to play high stakes games to become a high roller.