You’ll find the best USA mobile casinos in states including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Michigan, and West Virginia. These states allow online casino gambling as long as the casino has a license from the state regulatory organization. Almost all of the licensed casinos operating in these states offer mobile websites and mobile gambling apps for download.

In other states, you still have good options with sweepstakes casinos and international casino sites. However, you won’t find as many mobile gaming options. Many of these websites are designed to be responsive on mobile, but very few offer their own dedicated mobile apps.

How Does Mobile Casino Gambling Work?

In general, a mobile casino works the same way as the full online casino. However, the user interface will appear differently on mobile to accommodate the smaller screen size of the device you’re using. Most things will be collapsed into menus in order to make the most of the screen size.

On top of that, not all casino games will work on mobile devices. Sometimes this is because of the nature of the game – for something like roulette, you might be able to play but you won’t get to see the full roulette wheel.

That’s one reason why we recommend playing mobile roulette on a tablet instead of a smartphone. For lots of online casino games, you will be limited by your screen size. Using a tablet is a good way to make the most of mobile casino gambling.

In general, you won’t find as many game options on mobile casino sites and in mobile casino apps as you will on the full casino website. Not all casino games have been designed for mobile play, but most of the top casino games will be available. Casino websites will tell you if a game you like is available on mobile.

Mobile Casino Gambling Apps

Gambling apps are a great way to play casino games on the go. These apps make the entire experience more streamlined because everything is all in one place. Generally, they will run a bit faster than mobile casino websites too. The user interfaces in these apps also give you a smoother playing experience compared to mobile websites.

To download a casino app for iOS devices including iPads and iPhones, it’s as simple as going to the Apple App Store on your device. You simply need to search for the app you want and you should find it quickly.

However, it’s a bit less straightforward for Android users. That’s because Google has actually banned all gambling apps from the Google Play Store. Android users can still download casino apps, but they will need to do it right from the casino website.

Mobile Online Casinos FAQ

❓ How do I play at a mobile casino?

There’s really nothing to it! All you need to do in order to play at a mobile online casino is go to the casino website from your phone or tablet web browser. Nearly every online casino website out there today has been designed for mobile and desktop use. If you happen to find one that is not, you’ll know right away because the site will load very slowly and everything will be too small to see on your small screen. All the online casinos we recommend on this page have excellent mobile websites which give a smooth playing experience on smartphone and tablet devices.

❓ Do online casinos offer gambling apps?

Not all online casinos offer their own gambling apps. However, the biggest and best online casinos will have free apps available. If you’re located in a US state that allows online casinos, then you’ll have a few choices of excellent mobile casino apps. Overall, this is a better way to play mobile casino games than just using the casino mobile website. Casino mobile apps are designed to give you a smooth experience.

❓ How do I download casino gambling apps?

It really comes down to the device you’re trying to use. For any iOS devices like iPhones and iPads, it couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is search for the app you want in the Apple App Store. You can then download the app right from the store. However, Android users cannot download casino apps from the Google Play Store because Google has banned all gambling apps. Android users can still download casino apps, but they will need to do it right from casino websites. There are a few extra steps here - make sure to accept the permissions when prompted by your device.

❓ What are the best mobile casino games?

In general, the best mobile casino games are slots because they fit the smaller screens the best. This is especially true for players using smartphones - the slot interface is already the right orientation to fit a vertical screen like this. However, table games are a bit more tricky. Smartphone users can still access some of these games, but the experience will be limited and you won’t get to see everything. For a better mobile table game experience, use a tablet.

❓ Do mobile casinos offer casino bonuses?

Yes they do! In fact, the bonuses should be exactly the same on the desktop casino site as they are on the mobile casino site or mobile app. You can still wager with bonus cash when playing mobile casino games. Just be aware that the same terms and conditions still apply.